Fundathlon launch: Support & Win!

Fundathlon launch: Support & Win!
June 23, 2019 Fundathlon

We are on the final stretch before the Fundathlon beta launch and need your boost! The campaign is open to a 1,000 people (maximum), it’s by invitation-only, and participants get to win great rewards!

As a token of our appreciation, we put together some great prizes including a €1,000 Euro airfare gift card from Flightgiftcard for flights with 300 airlines and departures from 70 countries (Top Prize 1), a €700 & €300 hotel gift cards from Hotelgift for accommodation to 110,000+ hotels worldwide (Top Prize 2 and 3 respectively), and (up to 1,000) €10 gift cards from Amazon, (“Thank you!” prize) for everyone who qualifies.

How can you participate and qualify for the above prizes? It’s very simple. The goal is to get a minimum 100 Fundathlon points to qualify. The Top 3 Supporters will be rewarded with the 3 Top Prizes and everyone will receive the “Thank you!” prize.

Here’s how you get Fundathlon Points:

  1. Sign-up as a Supporter / Fan

    • 10 Points for signing up as a Supporter / Fan
    • 10 Points for subscribing to our Newsletter
  2. Make a Donation

    • 10 Points for any contribution/donation over €1
    • 10 Points for every €1 donated (i.e. €10 = 100 points)
  3. Spread the Word
    You need to sign-up as a Supporter and ask to join the affiliate/referral programme. We will send then send you a unique (tracking) link which you can share via email, social media or website/blog.

    • 10 Points for every new Supporter you refer
    • 10 Points when a referred Supporter signs up to our Newsletter
    • 10 Points when a referred Supporter makes a donation over €1
    • 10 Points for every €1 donated from your referred Supporters (i.e. €100 total donations from referred Supporters = 1,000 points)

If you would like to be participate in the Fundathlon launch campaign, please send an email to affiliate [at] and you will receive an invitation code in order to sign up.